Lost in my Mind (2024)


Manny Padilla is a 17-year-old musician living with severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Tormented since a young age by the belief that one wrong action could open a portal to another dimension and tear him away from everyone he loves, Manny has engaged in nearly constant compulsive behavior that has prevented him from basic functioning. In 2021, Manny began ERP (Exposure and Response Prevention), an intensive treatment which demands he confront his core fears head on.

This film is a realistic depiction of a person’s struggle with a debilitating mental illness, a rare opportunity to actually witness this unique therapeutic approach, and an urgently needed correction to popular misunderstandings of OCD.


Starring: Manny Padilla / @insendia1230 & @motherunderground
Directed by: Charles Frank / @charles_frank
Produced by: Diana Ward / @producerdiana
DP & Composer: Jeff Melanson / @jmelanson
Editor: Jake Oleson / @jakeoleson
EPs: Andrew Hutcheson / @stilllifewithandrew & Alissa Feldbau / @alissa_whitney
Colorist: Jared Rosenthal / @jaredrosenthal
Sound designer/mixer: Felt Sound / @feltsound
Poster designer: John Calvert / @johncalvert
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New Yorker team: Paul Moakley / @paulmoakley, Daniel Lombroso / @dlumbo, Melissa Fajardo / @melissamfk, Christopher Kim / @chriskimfilm, Devon Blackwell / @devonmarlie
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